Death Replaced:
A Twisted Tale of Misfortune

A stand alone book on death, life, and love by Matthew Sleadd

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Before the turn of the century, a family of four lived in a one-story home in a college town. It was an eclectic family composed of the future operations officer for the US Army Sniper School. It also included a young child who would grow up to have his doctorate and work in Antarctica, the man who became the art chair for Columbia College, and a senior editor for the University of Missouri. None of these jobs related to one another other than the love of a family. Or so it seemed.

The father possessed a sizeable automated printing press from decades prior. It was an engineering feat that allowed the mass information distribution machine to reach the basement garage. No one ever knew why the garage was in the basement with only stair access. Years came and went, and the press went through a series of evolutions until the year of the pandemic when it was gone and the space used to extract honey from bee comb. After all, many books are on-demand printed and online by that point.

Marcie's version of the printing press story.

But what of Sleadd Ink? Matthew finished his service with the military about the same time his mother Marcie retired. Together they joined in restarting the press, figuratively. The family-owned and operated small press helps independent authors edit, publish, and distribute their novels.

Matthew Sleadd

Author / Senior Administrator

After serving for thirteen years in the U.S. Army — including three combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan — Matthew Sleadd is hanging up his uniform to pursue a writing career. Like millions of people around the globe — especially those who have witnessed war firsthand — he battles daily mental health. Writing is a therapeutic way to creatively transfer his internal struggles onto paper. His genres include Urban Fantasy and Dystopian Science Fiction — and while none of his stories or events are based on real people — there are often elements of hidden truth in his writing.

Mathew lives in Columbus Georgia with his wife. He’s a devoted father to an 18-year-old son and a 6-year-old daughter. He and his family are big Disney fans and love hopping over to Florida to spend time with the famous mouse. 

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Marcie McGuire

Senior Editor / Author

Bio pending.


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